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Complete the form below for a delivery quotation.  Please contact us if you require a storage quotation.

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*Note - It's your responsibility to ensure that goods are packaged correctly

Info we need to provide a quote

The information you provide us with in the quote request form will help us to provide you with the best service possible, and will minimise the chance of any disruptions or delays to your delivery.

For example if your goods are strapped to a pallet but you don't have a forklift on site, then by letting us know in advance, we can make sure the vehicle which is allocated to pick up your goods has either a tail-lift or a hiab attachment, to enable your goods to be safely and effectively loaded on to the truck.

Loading and unloading times

Your quote from us includes a reasonable time window to allow sufficient time for the goods to be loaded onto or into the vehicle. Drivers are usually keen to be on their way and will often volunteer to help to load or unload the goods. The quote we give you includes 5 minutes at the point of pick-up for small deliveries (up to 2 pallets), 10 minutes for slightly larger deliveries (up to 3 pallets) and 30 minutes for larger truck deliveries (up to 12 pallets). For larger deliveries in particular it's important that there is sufficient access for a truck both at the pick-up and the delivery point. This will avoid any extra costs being incurred due to the driver being unnecessarily delayed.

BTG Logistics are not a common carriers and do not insure any goods - please refer to our Terms and Conditions